Fylde Folk Festival


Strawhead have been friends and supporters of Fylde Folk Festival ever since their formation in 1974, and it’s always a pleasure to welcome them back.

Strawhead performs the popular songs of the past using both contemporary and modern instruments. From the outset they have arranged, sung and recorded a varied selection of the tens of thousands of English ballads, dating from the earliest times to the 19th Century, which survive and can be accessed by the determined researcher.

Projects have included subjects such as the colonisation of America, the English Civil War, Marlborough’s Wars in the Low Countries, Monmouth’s Rebellion, and drinking songs. The band was a major part of "The Old Lamb & Flag", a presentation to commemorate Preston Guild, 1992. With other projects always in hand, the band’s enthusiasm, creativity and appetite for work show no sign of diminishing. Their contribution to the Trafalgar celebrations, “Bold Nelson’s Praise” was very well received.

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